Literate choice of e-book

How to choose a good book reader The first e-books appeared in 1998. Since then, much time has passed. The monochrome LCD screen was replaced with a color one, and in many models a display based on electronic paper did appear. Also reduced the size of such a device - especially the thickness. Began to be endowed with book readers and additional functionality that allows you to use the device not only for reading.

12 best smartphones with a good camera and a powerful battery

2019 rating: Top-12 best smartphones with a good camera and a capacious battery - according to reviews of experts and buyers, Smartphones are becoming more sophisticated and multifunctional. But buyers' requirements for phones are also increasing. And now I want the smartphone not only to provide high quality communications, but also to take good photos, and at the same time keep charging.

8 best smart TVs

Rating the best smart TVs: such smart TVs have not yet been! Gone are the days when televisions were used only for their intended purpose. Now they began to turn into full-fledged computers. Smart TV function helps the owner of the TV to solve many problems. First of all it concerns viewing content on the Internet.

7 best sunscreens

How to protect yourself from the sun at home and at leisure Women who do not want to grow old ahead of time, know that sunscreen is a must-have skin care element in the summer season. And for the face it is generally recommended to use creams with SPF all the time! This will help protect against the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation and prevent photo-aging.

Review of the button phone Nokia Asha 302

Reliable phone with QWERTY-keyboard Estimated price: 3500 rubles. For those who like to surf the Internet, sit in chat rooms and at the same time use a full QWERTY keyboard, this device will become an indispensable companion in life. Specifications: Classic body SIM card ordinary Processor 1 GHz Display 2.

15 best winter tires

The best winter tires for your car Recently, it’s illogical to choose the best winter tires, focusing only on ratings compiled by popular magazines, because the experience of car enthusiasts often contradicts the results of such tests. Referring to the ratings of the famous German magazine ADAC for a Russian motorist is generally irrelevant, as the use of spikes is prohibited in Europe, and all the friction tires tested by them are designed for a mild European winter.

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Description of the laptop Lenovo Y70-70

Lenovo Y70-70 laptop - advantages, disadvantages, specifications Specifications Type Type Type: laptop Operating system Operating system: Win 8 64 Processor Processor type Processor type: Core i5 / Core i7 Processor code Processor code: 4710HQ / 4210H / 4720HQ Core of the processor Core Processor: Haswell Processor frequency Processor frequency: 2500 ... 2900 MHz Number of processor cores Number of processor cores: 2/4 L2 cache size L2 cache size: 512 Kb / 1 MB L3 cache size L3 cache size: 6 MB / 3 MB RAM memory size RAM size: 8 ... 16 GB Memory type Memory Type: DDR3L memory Memory Clock Frequency: 1600 MHz The maximum memory size maximum memory size: 16 GB Screen Size Screen size: 17.

14 best amino acids

Review of the best universal amino acid complexes - according to reviews of trainers and athletes There are many types of sports nutrition, but amino acids are among the main favorites in terms of popularity, along with proteins. Their range is also quite extensive. And choosing a truly effective supplement is not always easy.

Review of the Bosch MFW 68640 electromeat grinder

Bosch MFW 68640 electric meat grinder - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Reviews of the electric Bosch MFW 68640 meat grinder. Advantages Beautiful, good complete set, high-quality grinding at a knife and lattices, a facet is removed, there are no gaps.

Sony's Top 8 Televisions

2019 rating: Sony's best TVs according to customer reviews and experts.At the same time, the domestic market for television equipment was, in fact, seized by South Korean companies, who ascribed the title of manufacturer No. 1 to themselves (although they, in fact, were two with such ambitions), literally flooded electronics stores with their products, did not lose their former greatness, they are unshakably holding back " attacks by "the last of the Mohicans" competitors of the true giants cohort - Japanese brand Sony.

Belt sanders

We process a tree, we choose and we improve. Belt grinding machine is called special equipment, which is designed for grinding surfaces, cleaning, fitting, marking, making different shapes, leveling and polishing, and even grinding. A simple sanding device looks like an electroplaner.

7 best kogtetochek for cats

How to save furniture from the tiger's claws? With the appearance of a kitten in the house, walls, furniture, curtains and other interior elements often begin to suffer. Almost all cats have a habit, or rather, the urgent need to "sharpen" their claws. In fact, of course, cats do not sharpen them for real, but just leave marks indicating the owner of the house.

Description of the Hitachi C13U saw

Hitachi C13U circular saw - characteristics Technical characteristics General characteristics Type Disc Construction manual Power 2000 W Number of speeds 1 Processing Cutting height 128 mm Disk diameter 335 mm Diameter of the mounting hole 30 mm Tilt angle 45 degrees. Productivity Rotational speed 3400 rpm Additional information Functions and possibilities of spindle blocking, connecting a vacuum cleaner Weight 13 kg

Overview car Alpine iDE-178BT

Car Alpine iDE-178BT - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Specifications Composition Radio, digital tuner CD player no MP3 player there is no DVD player Blu-ray player no amplifier Yes Equalizer yes Navigator no TV tuner no General characteristics Peak power 4x50 W Size 1 DIN iPod / iPhone support Yes CD changer interface no Color black Supported media and formats Formats MP3, WMA, AAC Display Display type monochrome Management Multi-color backlight yes Infrared remote There is a joystick on the steering wheel Pause when talking on the phone there is Auto search for stations Interfaces Inputs USB USB on the front panel no Audio input on the front panel no Outputs PreAmp front, PreAmp rear, PreAmp subwoofer Supports Bluetooth there is Support for A2DP profile there Is ISO connection Protection Removable panel available Tuner Supports FM, MW, DV Support RDS RDS, RDS / EON, RDS / PTY Long-tuner tuner yes Number of presets FM / AM 18/6 Additional information Timbre adjustment Yes Number of DAC bits 24 Number of equalizer bands 9 Num Quality Equalizer Presets 10 ID3 Tag Support Yes Tone Compensation Yes Dimensions (W xHxD) 178x50x162 mm Weight 1500 g Comments on the car radio Alpine iDE-178BT Advantages Sound, sound.

8 best bikes

Top-bikes with a lot of advantages Modern bikes delight in their diversity. Some models are designed for urban use. Others will allow to overcome and rough terrain. Others will help make an excellent cyclist, even from a child. In this ranking - only the best models. Buying any of them will provide you with a lot of positive emotions.

10 best H1 bulbs

The best avtolamps for the night and for the fog. The H1 base is quite versatile - such halogen lamps are installed in the headlights and in the “fog”.More precisely, they were installed - now it is already considered obsolete, in the same PTF, the H11 base has become widespread for a long time, which is much better suited for such conditions of use due to the hermetic connector.

Top Motorcycle Rankings

The season does not end, I just stopped to smoke. With the onset of warm and dry weather, true adherents of "iron" horses appear on the roads of Russia. Proudly seated in the saddle, they whistle across the expanses of the country, causing somewhere enthusiastic, somewhere condemning the views of motorists and pedestrians.